The process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs.

Land leveler

Land leveler

It is basic implement for leveling of land.
It is a simple and rugged implement which is directly fitted to tractor.
Very useful for agriculture purpose.
Blades are hardened for longer life.
Useful for increasing productivity and saves cost of irrigation.
Rugged design for toughest operations.
Rear Support for extra strength.
Long Life Blades.
Available with Rear 3 – Point Linkage (Optional)   


Laser guided land leveler

More uniform moisture environment for crops. Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizer, chemical and fuel.
More leveled and smooth soil surface obtained.
Hassle-free, reliable, effective & easy to operate power mast which saves both time & energy.
Improved crop establishment by uniform spreading of water, seeds, fertilizers & chemicals.


Rotary slasher – square

Rotary slasher has heavy duty gear box and rugged frame which is capable of withstanding higher load conditions like rough & tough wild grass, anchored straw and bushes.
It is powerful enough to cope with tall weeds and small bushes, yet giving a satisfactory fine cut on turf areas mounted with optional rear tyres. Scalping is minimal.
Designed for fast & heavy duty application with any type of tractor with 3 point linkage.
Rotary slasher has reversible steel blades for cutting, which increases total life of the blade.
Safety chain shield & gearbox safety cover increases overall safety while in use.
Designed for fast application to any type of 35-50 HP tractor with three point linkage.


Terracer blades

The AGROVISION TERRACER BLADE is used for clearing fields, land leveling, opening ditches & back filings.
It can used in any direction by the virtue of its 360 degree of working angle.
It is easily mountable with three point linkage.
The high carbon special steel blade prevents the corrosion and breaking.
It can be used pulling as well as pushing the soil.
Its width can be increased & decreased as per requirement


Box blade

Suitable for small fields, construction site & building a drivew.
Suitable for scraping, land leveling, grading & backfilling.
Bucket is equipped with heavy duty frame.
Hassle-free, reliable, effective & easy to opera.
Manually adjust stable shank height.
Forward & reverse cutting blade.


Tractor dozer

AGROVISION TRACTOR FRONT DOZER / BLADE is used for clearing fields & land leveling.
It can be easily assembled or de-assembled in the front part of tractor
The high carbon special steel blade prevents the corrosion & braking.
It’s width can be increased and decreased as per tractor power HP.

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