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Fundamentally, after-sales is the “period of time during which the seller or manufacturer guarantees to the buyer assistance, maintenance, or repairs of what has been purchased”. Here, the goal is to fulfil warranty i.e. a temporary contractual obligation of the OEM to provide support for an equipment. The purpose of after-sales services is therefore to support options for extended warranty that assures product/asset reliability and minimized servicing costs – in addition to the base warranty that rectifies product defects or failures

Genuine spares / Parts

Genuine Spare part is the only economical solution for the repair and service for your machines OR Products. Genuine spares are designed to work optimally to maximize component life and engine performance. parts are designed to match the individual product characteristics across the products range, to fit exactly thereby saving on costly downtime. Our Genuine parts restore optimum power and efficiency and are backed by the Warranty. Economical cost of operation and increase product life.


Genuine Oil

Genuine Oil has been specially formulated for those specific products. It maximises performance of that product. And it is Highly recommended for these products

  • Gensets
  • BS- II Engines and Earth Moving Equipment like Backhoe Loader, Excavator, Transit Mixer, Wheel Loader, Compactor, Crane, etc.
Advantages of Oils:
  • Excellent protection from wearing of products which has motion or movement - protects from sludge, wearing and deposits for a prolonged products life.
  • Reduces corrosion and deposits under arduous operating conditions.
  • The viscometer combined with high viscosity index ensures lower oil consumption.
  • The oil enhances engine performance due to synergy of the superior base oils, thereby extending oil service life.
  • Extensively tested under various atmospheric conditions for high performance.
  • The specially formulated oil has improved lubricant film strength for heavy load.


Coolant Advantages
  • Extended life of specific product
  • Increases the product operating life
  • Provides excellent protection for all cooling system metal parts
  • Compatible with rubber hoses and other non-metallic` parts of the cooling system
  • Eliminates formation of hard water scale
  • Reduction in regular maintenance cost, thereby providing greater savings
  • Be it extreme cold or heat, the coolant performance is unaffected by the ambient atmospheric temperature



We are committed to provide the following service as per customer need and requirement:

  • Three tenure packages: 1 Year, 3 Years and 5 Years
  • Applicable for entire range of all products supplied by us.
  • Unlimited Breakdown complaints, includes Labour Charges for all major and minor repairs, including overhauls
  • Preventive maintenance visits are recommended as per Genset
    running pattern below :
    - Running Hours in a year : No. of preventive Maintenance visits per year **
    - 500 Hrs. and Below : 4
    - 500 Hrs. to 1000 Hrs : 6
    - 1000 Hrs. and Above : 12

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