Forage Mower

Forage harvesting is more complex as compared to grain crops. Forage crop is of great bulk and mass, containing 70-80% water when first harvested. For storage it must be dried, either naturally or artificially, to a safe moisture content of about 20 to 25%. Due to low product value it limits the economic feasibility of mechanization of harvesting operation of forage crops. The mowers are used to cut the crop and windrow in the field, which is manually collected for further chopping.


Forage mower

It is used for cutting of fodder crops like Millet, Sorghum, Maize, Oats, Mustard. Saves labour cost and time.
Blades are hardened having longer life.
It is provided with a moving cam cover to avoid the logging of the fodder crop on the cam.
Side deflector plate is provided for inclination of forage in one line.
Reciprocating motion of blades cut the grass clean because of dual Motion Mechanism.

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