Crop Protection

Certain cultural practices can prevent or reduce insect crop damage. These include destruction of crop residues, deep ploughing, crop rotation, use of fertilizers, etc. Chemical crop protection products, commonly referred to as pesticides or agrochemical products, play a vital role in controlling the pests and diseases


Boom sprayer

Available on 500 and 1000 liter tank capacity.
UV and chemical resistant polyethylene tank with solid color.
Zero maintenance diaphragm pump 54 Liter / Minute suction.
Easy and quick attachment to tractor.
Boom span 12 meters (40 Feet).
Separate 15 liter tank for washing hands.
Adjustable spraying height.


Fertilizer spreaders - square

It allows the operator to spread fertilizers in larger land portion in lesser time.
They can spread the fertilizer fall on 12 to 14 meter width in field.
Their unique distributing system ensures uniform spreading of fertilizers over greater distances.
The gear box absorbs sudden changes in power and keeps the machine safe.
Adjustable positions to obtain maximum spreading precision.
Filter Mesh to avoid mixing of unwanted objects.
Transparent fertilizer level indicator.
Robust Gear Transmission.   

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